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      ARTIST          STATEMENT



My name is Alexandra Rose Czyzewicz, but those familiar with my work may know me as Ally Rose. I am a Polish-Italian American with a true love for my cultural background! Growing up in the Portland, Oregon area, I spent Saturdays attending Polish School where I studied the Polish culture.  I also enjoyed weekly lessons with my Father learning to speak the language.


I spent my childhood studying violin, piano and voice and became obsessed with the idea of writing my own music and incorporating the Polish language!  This began what would be a long-lasting passion for and devotion to writing original music and sharing my love for the Polish culture.


I studied music composition at Marylhurst University, and then at Portland State University where I received my BM in Music Composition.


I compose original music in many capacities: for choirs, bands, film, youth music programs, and anywhere else I can get involved. I am a self-published composer and many of my pieces have been performed by choirs and bands in the Pacific Northwest. Included in the Oregon ArtsWatch composers list and winner of the Happy Composer Commission project 2019. I have also written several specialized pieces for specific performing groups, such as "Isc Dalej" commissioned by Madison High School choir director Jeremy Dell, and "Diversity" performed by Gladstone High School band directed by Seth Arnold (visit my scores page to see more commissions and other original works).


In 2017, I composed an all original 60min musical production called "Our Family" for the Estacada School District, funded by the Clackamas County Arts Alliance Project Grant.  The production featured 4 professional musicians as well as over 40 students and community members. For more info visit the 2017 PROJECTS page.


Writing and performing music is a constant source of joy in my life, whether it be as a composer of choral and band music or as a member of Portland based band The Casimir Effect with my husband.


Wondering how to pronounce "Czyzewicz"? Siz-a-wits, sure it looks pretty crazy but it’s not too hard to say!


Artist Statement:


I believe that music is unique in its ability to convey emotions that are too rich or complex to be described with words.  That is something truly valuable, and as a composer I work to use that power to connect with my listeners.  Each piece that I write is a collection of moments and memories, both my own, and those of the listener; though I write each piece with my own moments in mind, the listeners use their own memories to create for themselves a listening experience that is truly unique to each of them.


I write joyful music; music that is meant to inspire and enlighten rather than confuse or intimidate.  Though it may be new and original, it should feel familiar and enjoyable even to an untrained lister.  This is one reason why a memorable melody is important to me; though I strive to push boundaries and to remain adventurous and original, a clear and evocative melody should permeate even the most abstract sections of my music.  I want my listeners to feel encouraged to participate actively in the listening experience, whether it be in the moment by clapping or dancing along, or in the long-term by picking up an instrument or taking a stab at composing themselves.


I write music that uses and combines a wide variety of styles and influences rather than just one; a given piece may blend jazz and blues with traditional choral music, while another may utilize both classical and fiddle elements in a single section.  I also try to bring new colors and dimensions to my music through the use of recorded sound samples of the world around us.  Water, wind, wildlife, and even ambient noise can be used to great effect.  Children are another inspiration for me because of their innocence and purity.  It is this type of pure, simple, true happiness that I try to evoke in my listeners.  I also hope to use my music for the betterment of children; something they can both grasp and enjoy, as well as learn from; something that will broaden their horizons, but above all, something that will bring them joy.

Check out some of my vocal and violin work!

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