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Our Family 




At the heart of any good community is its families; the families that tie it together and define its character.  A great community even functions in itself as a family, with each individual and group contributing their part and giving of themselves to achieve a common good.


Our Family is a musical celebration of this special connection that brought professional musicians, students, and community members together on the stage that started it all for many of us here in the city of Estacada; our very own Middle School Auditorium. The project had four local professional musicians (myself included) that played throughout the entire show. In addition, each movement featured guest performers from the Estacada schools and city, including moms and dads from our community, and an entire elementary school class. 

The show ran about 60 minutes and consisted of various movements, each named for the different members of a traditional family (mother, father, brother, sister, etc.)  The styles of these movements ranged from pop to jazz to classical. My goal was to inspire young musicians to gain an appreciation for the classical and jazz genres while also engaging them with some of their pop, rock and hip-hop favorites.  Students enjoyed the opportunity to perform and watch their peers perform alongside professional musicians who call Estacada their home.  


Our Family is a musical production for the enjoyment of everyone, young and old. At its core it was meant to inspire, educate, and celebrate the families that make our community great. 

"Our Family" 2.17.17


Check out the scores HERE

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