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for SATB chorus unaccompanied (2019)

Duration: 3:50

Note: It is a breach of copyright law to make more copies than the amount purchased. Please order the number of copies needed for every member of the ensemble, including the conductor and the accompanist.

Program Notes:

"Cień" is a piece about connecting with one another. Taking time to appreciate love and the many ways it manifests itself in our lives. The Polish text is interwoven with the English poetic translation throughout the piece and melodic lines are shared between voices. The piece begins softly and builds in intensity as each part is yearning to love; to become as close as ones shadow. Through rhythmic repetition the lyrics change from Polish to English as the energy and intrigue continue. The piece ends with a feeling of unity. 

Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska, both in her life and creativity, sought to experience and express love’s full spectrum, to reach fulfillment through love.  Her poetry is philosophical, contemplating from the very outset transience and fate.  It muses on human existence’s inextricable link with nature, and the inevitable deterioration of the human body. 


Translation of Polish Text:

If only the cloud of unloving

could slip from the face of our sun,

at your feet, flat as a shadow,

I’d lie down...

Perusal Score 

Score Video

Performance Videos

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